Most Important Technologies in Web Design

Most Important Technologies in Web Design

Important Technologies Used in Web Design

Web design is a dynamic field given that it has taken a huge evolution ever since the turn of this century. Technologies used for web design have changed over the years and it’s all thanks to the quest to find the right standards in the realm of efficiency and speed. With lots of technologies to choose from these days, you might be left scratching your head on which one is best suited for you. As a world class web agency, HattanMedia has the experiences that will help you around these technologies. We have a team of experts who have seen it all-in any case this article is aimed at giving you refined details on modern web design technologies.

Content Management Systems

Gone are the days when web designers were needed to write every bit of code to get websites up and running. These days, the easiest route around creating a website is to learn a specific CMS technology and you are good to go. A good example is WordPress which has got to be the easiest and the most popular CMS platform-it powers a quarter of all the live websites in the world. With CMS technology, website design is shifted from coding to customization of a given theme. There are lots of free and paid themes to choose from depending on the CMS platform you wish to use.  The beauty with CMS is that you get the option of choosing the platform to use depending on the kind of site you wish to design. If you are looking to build an ecommerce website for example, then magento will be great option. There are lots of CMS systems today that you could pick from e. g Moodle, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop etc.



Frameworks have recently emerged as the most efficient way of building powerful and attractive websites. There are lots of web frameworks to choose from with the most popular being PHP,Python and ASP frameworks. Most of these frameworks adopt an MVC (Model View Controller) architecture that favors fast and efficient web design and development. In essence, MVC is a software framework aimed at quick and well-organized design of websites, applications, resources and services. MVC architecture divides web development into three portions: Model, View and Controller. These design aspects facilitates code re-use-through libraries, code modularization and implementation of interfaces.


Security Technologies

The web space has never been a very safe place owing to the growing number of hackers targeting websites. This has in turn prompted development of advanced cryptographic schemes in a bid to curb this vice. Modern web communication deploys SSL certificates to encrypt data flow between the browser and the server. The most common algorithm used in these technology is the RSA cryptosystem but others like ECC are also growing popular.


Analytics and Tracking

Your website may be live but you still need to get tailored data if you are to make smart decisions like robust marketing strategies. The best way around this is to integrate tools that will do the tracking and analytics for you. Again, the market is full of options but Google Analytics is by far the most popular of these tools. The other options are DoubleClick, MediaMath, comScore, New Relic, Rapleaf, DataLogix, Google Conversion Tracking e.t.c


In conclusion, there are lots of technologies targeted at improving every aspect of web design. Of course when it comes to choosing, it is always a matter of the functionality you wish to achieve in web design. However, it is always advisable to go for the most popular technology or rather those with larger communities.