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Why E-Commerce?

Are you looking for a trendy e-commerce site? We have a pool of creative, talented and experienced Magento developers ready to help you attain your goals. We are proud to be part of many successful e-commerce stories thanks to the Magento services we have delivered in New York and across the globe. We have been the number one provider of highly customizable Magento e-commerce websites fashioned to optimize SEO results and customers experiences for businesses.

Why Choose Magento for your E-commerce Design?

Magento is the best e-commerce solution today operating on an open source licensing model. The beauty is that magento is design to offer solutions for businesses of various sizes ranging from small and medium Enterprises to large retailers. The Magento Community Edition (CE) provides a perfect environment for SMEs to develop full customized and well integrated stores. The Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) on the other hand is best solution for large business courtesy its ability to offer multi-server placements, complex integration and multi-store environments.

Some of the attractive magento features include:

  • Unparalleled Customization options
  • Search Engine Friendly Design
  • Easy Payment Integrations
  • Scalable integrations in the realm of CRM and ERP systems

Magento 2.0 is here, What to Expect.

  • Speed Enhancement Full Page Caching, we believe Magento 2.0 offers full page cache for both Community + Enterprise version. Magento 2.0 do proactive caching in production mode. This results faster website when compare to the old versions.
  • New Better Checkout A much better streamlined checkout process is integrated in Magento 2.0.
  • Full HTML5 & CSS3 Support
  • Varnish Support
  • Reduced JS Code
  • Better Layout Performance
  • Image Compression
  • Database Improvements
  • jQuery Framework Support
  • And lot more…

Our Process

Themes Installation

We'll install any free or premium WordPress theme and make it look like one of the demos.


Premium Plug-ins

We'll install must-have plug-ins for you, no matter what package you choose.


Content Development

We develop unique content for your site and blog to make sure you stay ahead of your competitors.



A complete suite of SEO Services to help clients generate leads, acquire customers and grow profits.


Our E-Commerce Solution

Based on your unique goals and requirements, we deliver custom ecommerce solutions that you will not outgrow. You will get a stable and secure full-featured Ecommerce web solution that has all the bells and whistles you need.

Online shopping cart that visitors can add products to and modify

Order history, shipping status, wishlist creation

Secure checkout with 128-bit SSL encryption

Gift wrapping option and gift card messages

Integration with Paypal and over 50 other payment gateways

Anonymous, one-page checkout to help improve conversions

Add and edit product pricing and descriptions with ease

Custom attribute options for products, like color and weight selections

Stock and inventory management

Sales reporting that can be exported to spreadsheet formats

Search Engine Optimized with SEO friendly links and sitemaps

Offer coupons, discount codes, and gift certificates

What we Do

We can help you design and develop end-to-end e-commerce solutions to streamline communication, automate workflow, manage high volume transactions, user management and authentication, data and content management, shopping cart applications, and payment gateway integration. Our design service includes:

Designing a new online presence

Creating unique landing pages

Developing the creative for email campaigns

Custom built responsive mobile friendly

Web Hosting / Domain Name Registration

Full Search Engine Optimization

Our Magento Design Cycle

We can help you design and develop end-to-end e-commerce solutions to streamline communication, automate workflow, manage high volume transactions, user management and authentication, data and content management, shopping cart applications, and payment gateway integration. Our design service includes:

Product Design Specification Stage

Our experiences has taught us the power of strategic designs bespoke to clients. Our prime target is the success of your websites thus we will help you optimize your objectives. We will work with your team to understand your requirements and help you craft the perfect solution for you. At this stage, we will identify aspects like stack requirements, traffic volume, 3rd party services and integration, SEO, payment gateways, Budgets etc.  The other important thing done at this stage is to draw up a documentation that will serve as a baseline for the project during the latter stages.

Post-Project Support

We are that company that works round the clock to give clients full satisfaction even the when their site has long been delivered.  With the nature of websites, bugs can crop up at any time but you need not break a sweat. Our team will lend you a helping hand during those testing times through our post launch support plan for businesses.

Development Stage

This is normally the core part of the magento design as it involves implementation of the design features. At this stage, our digital project manager will work in liaison with you during design and development of your ecommerce site. Our aim is to always make it easy for you to access the project development team and the project Manager for project updates. At the end of this stage, preliminary tests are also done to ensure the project runs smoothly into the final testing stage.


User Acceptance Testing is a crucial part of Magento e-commerce development as it allows us to cross check the quality of designs before we hand it over to you. Moreover, your site has to be constantly monitored for performance with the aim of scaling down performance issues. That is why we have devised a rigorous and well planned testing routines based on Agile methodology to make sure your site is reviewed and any issues handled accordingly.

Pricing Plans

A good professional web development plays a very important role in your business – whether it’s there to generate revenue,  leads, act as a spokesperson or help deal with inquiries. We develop Online Business not just the great looking websites. We know the beautiful design is vital, however, the true web design is all about effective conversation by turning your Website Visitors into Your Customers.



  • Unlimited Design Revisions
  • Unlimited Pages / Products
  • Magento CMS
  • Free One Year Hosting
  • All Features Included



  • Unlimited Design Revisions
  • Unlimited Pages / Products
  • Shopify CMS
  • Free One Year Hosting
  • All Features Included

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