Difference in Web Design and Web Development

Difference in Web Design and Web Development

What differs in Web Design and Web Development?


If you are person who loves a bit of tech then you must have had the terms web design and web development being used interchangeably. As a top web design agency in New York we have noted this thin line that causes confusion-something we are looking to dispel in this article. It might sound irrelevant for clients who of course do not speak web programming but those people who do the actual web programming might get stuck in the mix up created by these two terms.


Web Design is Art

To differentiate between the two, it is important to elaborate on what entails the two in the realm of skill sets. In simple terms, web design involves crafting websites in artistic fashion with an aim of implementing client visions. Web design will usually encompass typography and user interface design. It is safe to say that web designer is tasked with executing graphics that are easy on the eye of target consumers. In a world where beating off competition means a lot for businesses, web design affords businesses a route to creating brand identities that sell.

For a successful career in web design one should be very fluent in graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel draw among others. These tools are very useful in creating and editing visually appealing documents depending on the level of creativity of the designer. In addition front end programming languages are needed-the basic ones are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Web Development is a Science

Web development is often technical in nature owing to the fact that mathematical concepts are adopted in the process. The backbone of scientific problem solving has got its roots in mathematics thus a good web developer should be well accustomed to these techniques. This is well illustrated by the nature backend programming languages are used in web development-PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, Ruby, Python, Perl, etc. In other words web development revolves around creating efficient web functionalities through applications. Take an example of the process involved in designing a web based 3D game that offers a user a state of the art user experience.


Which one do you choose?

If you are new to the web and interested in pursuing a career in one of the two, it might sometimes prove a headache deciding which one suits you the best. Most people tend to imagine that there is easier option of the two to go for but on contrary, the best path to take is to follow your passion. A common fallacy is that web design is easier than web development but it might prove very challenging to those who do not have that artistic touch. The same can be said of those people with poor mathematical problem solving skills venturing in backend designs.

If you are a client then it is important to analyze the nature of the problem at hand so as to get the right candidate to work on the problem. Remember, you should always clarify to clients the differences between the two when picking tasks and avoid the chances of experiencing failed project developments.