Step 6 – Project Launch

Before launching the completed site or app we put it through rounds of rigorous testing to identify any remaining issues with the content, design or functionality. We launch the site once it has been formally approved, then monitor closely for 30-days, correcting any remaining issues at no charge.

Step 5 – Web Development

Once the visual design is complete and approved we proceed to production. After setting up the development and hosting environments we start building, which usually involves database design, application coding and slicing up the screen designs.

Step 4 – Visual Design

Here we take the particular structure & layout made in the previous step and brings it to life, developing a rich interface together with full color graphics, typography etc. This iterative process involves multiple rounds of review and revision that conclude with the client approving a design they love.

Step 3 – Site Architecture

The stage would be to develop the “information architecture” from the website or application, including arranging the information and defining the sitemap based on this particular. Afterwards we lay out each of the screens and plan the navigation.

Content Marketing

Today’s internet users love great content. By adding interesting and informative media to your website, you can leverage massive increases in traffic, followers, and new leads. We can help you to achieve this by creating captivating content like blog posts, info graphics and white papers.

Analytics & Reporting

To be successful online, you need to know who your audience is, and what kind of marketing they are responding to. We use sophisticated tools to analyse the traffic coming to your website and social media platforms. This means that where other companies are left guessing about what to do next, you’ll know exactly what…

PPC Strategy

Paid advertising can be one of the most effective ways to generate leads and sales online. However, learning to use the various platforms has a steep learning curve. We can help you achieve your goals more efficiently, analyzing and optimizing your ad campaigns so that over time you get more results for less money.